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22 Oct. 2020

5 forces de Porter : Garmin

Étude de cas - 6 pages - Marketing sportif

Garmin a été créé en 1989 par Gary Busell et Min H. Kao pour proposer une nouvelle génération de GPS. Lors de sa création, la firme vend des systèmes de géolocalisation à l'armée américaine. La firme a depuis développé et diversifié ses activités en proposant des outils de géolocalisation...

30 Sept. 2021

Dans quelles mesures le marché des plateformes de streaming musical peut-il être rentable ?

Mémoire - 102 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Les plateformes de streaming musical ont totalement révolutionné l'industrie de la musique. Elles sont apparues comme une réponse au téléchargement illégal et sont aujourd'hui indispensables pour une grande majorité des musiciens, mais aussi des consommateurs. Pourtant, si son succès lui...

19 Mars 2015

Le Category Management dans la grande distribution

Mémoire - 27 pages - Management organisation

Présente depuis une cinquantaine d'années sur le marché français, les entreprises de la grande distribution, dont l'enseigne Carrefour, ont connues depuis lors un essor fulgurant. Cependant, malgré leur expérience et leur place sur le marché, les GMS sont déstabilisées depuis une dizaine d'année....

09 juil. 2015

Base de données Diane : analyse de la performance économique de deux entreprises

Analyse financière - 4 pages - Comptabilité

Nous allons à présent analyser les ratios précédemment calculés, en comparant nos deux entreprises : Festa 2000 First et Ets. Maquin Gerard. Nous pouvons tout d'abord préciser le niveau d'activité des entreprises grâce à l'analyse du chiffre d'affaire, indicateur de la...

02 Mars 2010

Management des risques criminels - l'exemple de Wester Union

Étude de cas - 7 pages - Management organisation

Western Union est une entreprise financière, spécialisée dans les services financiers, notamment le transfert d'argent, et la communication. Elle est basée aux États-Unis et est une filiale de First Data Corporation. Western Union a plusieurs divisions proposant des produits...

15 juin 2008

La finance éthique : entre paradigme et paradoxe

Mémoire - 112 pages - Finance

Linked with morals, with deontology and right, ethics is a reflection towards the research of the Good, a moving concept by essence. What deserves, nowadays, such an imminent questioning on ethics? Because of the increased pressure of the governments, increasing awareness of the organizations...

25 Nov. 2014

L'engagement du consommateur envers les marques de distributeurs : un modèle relationnel

Mémoire - 81 pages - Marketing distribution

The distribution is the system which takes in charge all the operations by which a product that has been just made is given to the consumer or to the user. This field integrates three essential functions: a logistic function (delivery, storage), a transactional function (sale), and an...

07 Nov. 2014

E-Commerce report : Aigle's e marketing plan

Étude de cas - 32 pages - E-commerce

Aigle was created in 1983 by Hutchinson, originally boots manufacturers for farmers and land workers. Since the late nineteenth century, Aigle started manufacturing all types of boots and shoes following the evolution of fabrics technologies. Throughout the last decades, Aigle has been expending...

09 mai 2007

IKEA: The story of a Giant

Étude de cas - 26 pages - Marketing distribution

All started there is nearly 60 years in a small village of the South of Sweden. It is the history of the small company, specialist in the furnishing of the fine bottom of the forest smålandaise which launches out to the conquest of the world. Its creator is Ingvar Kamprad. This starts thanks to...

06 mai 2008

L'expansion de Clarins en Inde

Étude de cas - 18 pages - Bourse

Clarin's expansion in India (titre original) The Clarins Group has been created in 1954 by Jacques Courtins-Clarins. It is a Public Company with a Supervisory Board and a Board of Directors, with a capital stock around 325 millions of euros divided into 40 600 000 shares. At the beginning,...

06 Nov. 2014

Analyse stratégique de la marque de grande distribution Carrefour et son usage des outils d'e-commerce

Étude de cas - 5 pages - E-commerce

I'll first introduce you the Carrefour brand and the way they do business, its strategy to get more and more market shares, and finally I'll show you how the three different topics I picked up could bring them a competitive advantage over its competitors. The main activity of the group is...

19 mai 2010

Motivation et culture de l'étudiant étranger à l'Université de Paisley (Écosse)

Étude de marché - 19 pages - Marketing consommateur

In this report, the subject “student life in Paisley” will be analysed. To find some answers, a topic guide has been created and filled in by a Paisley student sample. Thanks to it, a comparison between Chinese and “European” people has been possible. Two theoretical areas...

11 Sept. 2006

Low fat yogurt Market

Étude de marché - 25 pages - Marketing produit

In recent years, consumer interest in health and nutrition has escalated and increased the demand for healthful food products in the marketplace. Aging baby-boom populations and a trend toward self-care in relation to chronic-disease prevention and management are fuelling this demand. In the...

03 août 2010

Risks assessment in automobile industry - Renault entry in the US market

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Marketing automobile

The Renault Corporation was founded in 1899 and quickly became famous in motor racing. The Renault factories adopted mass production techniques in 1905 and Taylorism in 1913. Then, during the First World War, the company turned out trucks, stretchers, ambulances, shells and even the famous...

28 juin 2008

L´alliance Renault-Nissan - publié le 28/06/2008

Étude de cas - 13 pages - Management organisation

On March 27, 1999 Louis Schweitzer and Yoshikazu Hanawa signed the Alliance between Renault and Nissan in Tokyo: it was the first to involve a Japanese and a French company. Both were linked through cross-shareholding: Renault took a 36.8% stake (shares and voting rights) in Nissan while...

06 Sept. 2008

Rapport : création de "la marque Ecosse"

Étude de marché - 11 pages - Marketing tourisme

The tourism market has never been so competitive. Ten top destinations appropriate 70% of international tourists (Pike, 2004). Whether they want to keep or to reach a leading position on the tourism market, destinations will have to fight. Tourism in Scotland is worth 4.5bn total GDP, and...

29 juil. 2015

L'évolution du Survival Horror sur les consoles de nouvelle génération : enjeux de la fidélisation des joueurs

Mémoire - 110 pages - Marketing produit

Dans la vie d'un joueur passionné, il y a parfois des moments d'angoisse. Des univers cauchemardesques ou psychologiquement dérangeant, par l'étonnant mélange de poésie et de sadisme et/ou encore de violence, de stress ; des atmosphères et des musiques angoissantes, avec un suspens...

21 Nov. 2014

Histoire de la poupée Barbie, de Mattel et controverses actuelles

Étude de cas - 3 pages - Marketing produit

Barbie was invented by Ruth Handler, an American woman. She watched her daughter playing and she noticed that only infants dolls existed while children gave to their dolls adults roles. She quickly suggested to her husband - co-founder of Mattel - an adult-bodied doll. Ruth went to Germany and...

21 juil. 2015

Small firms in international marketing: Bringing the franchise Sushi Shop to the UK market

Étude de marché - 8 pages - Marketing produit

Sushi Shop is a French-based sushi restaurant franchise and delivery service that provides its customers with the highest quality of sushi and other fine contemporary Japanese cuisine dishes. Established in 1998, this small firm now has 97 locations in Europe, 1 in New York City, and is...

02 Mars 2008

Critically assess Brandon's strategic thinking and the actions he employed in developing Virgin and implications for the future of the company

Étude de cas - 11 pages - Marketing produit

The highly diversified Virgin group has known an impressive progression since its creation in 1970. His founder, Richard Branson has come beyond boundaries of what has been done until now because he has introduced a new way of thinking strategy. As one will see in the first part, Branson...

30 avril 2008

La stratégie d'Aircraft

Étude de cas - 11 pages - Stratégie

Business dynamics: the aircraft strategy (titre original) The aircraft game was to understand the inter-relation between the different aspects of a business and the consequences of changing one of these business aspects on the entire model. The system dynamics is described by internal factors...

28 avril 2008

Négociation et résolution du conflit : analyser une négociation

Étude de cas - 7 pages - Management organisation

Along this report, I will describe a Negotiation case I have really encountered during my first internship, in June 2004, in a Sports Travel Agency. This company, called France-Sport Association is the leader in sport travel organization in France. I was employed in the Rugby Department as...

04 juin 2008

Marketing stratégique - Management : Debenhams

Étude de cas - 26 pages - Marketing produit

Strategic marketing - Management: Debenhams (titre original) Debenhams opened its first store in 1905, and in 1929 listed its shares on the London Stock Exchange. Nowadays Debenhams is one of the most important department store chains in the United Kingdom. In this depressive economic...

09 mai 2008

How NGOs are developing their management styles and marketing in order to achieve greater efficiency, whilst maintaining their core values?

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Management organisation

“Non-Governmental Organisations have long been regarded as welfare agencies working on the periphery of development. Since the 1980s, NGOs have emerged as a major development force in many developing countries” (Afful, 1992). According to Afful, NGO are no longer in the shadow of...

05 déc. 2008

Dess, Gregory G., Lumkin, G.T., Eisner, Alan B - "Strategic Management, Text and Cases" case 37 : General Motors

Étude de cas - 3 pages - Stratégie

What are the general environmental factors that have an impact on General Motors? General Motors (GM) has known very hard times since 2000, as much as car industry. That is why GM had to reduce hourly workers, which means that 35,000 jobs were eliminated. Moreover, GM decreased health care...

09 juil. 2015

Host Hotels & Resorts : financial and strategic analysis

Étude de marché - 16 pages - Finance

Host Hotels & Resorts (HST) is a real estate investment trust that exists since 1993 since the division of Marriott Corporation into management and property arms. HST is the first lodging real estate company. It owns 119 luxury and upper-upscale, full service hotels managed by strong...

01 avril 2008

L'entreprise Chantier Naval Bordeaux

Étude de cas - 20 pages - Marketing produit

En 1984, Benjamin Bénéteau crée le chantier artisanal Bénéteau, avec pour optique de construire des chalutiers à voile pour les marins-pêcheurs. En 1928, André Bénéteau, le fils de Benjamin Bénéteau reprend le chantier familial. Cette date marque le début de l'ascension du groupe. En 1982,...

29 févr. 2008

Applying "New JIT" in Toyota

Étude de cas - 10 pages - Management organisation

Japanese cars companies, especially Toyota, have been during the second half of the 20th century some standards in defining the best production principles. In particular, they have carried out a quality management approach of the production through the implementation of The Just In Time (JIT)....

03 juil. 2015

Analysis of the sport's industry and its strategies

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Stratégie

[...] Sponsoring is really important for big events as Olympic Games or rugby world cup. We can underline why some companies sponsor this kind of event? And what can they gain from this? First of all, there is the biggest sport event worldwide coming this summer. So it seems quite relevant...

13 déc. 2003

L'Oréal: international strategy

Étude de cas - 7 pages - Stratégie

The penetration into markets is quite old in certain countries and more recent in others. The entry mode depends on region. For instance, in USA, L'Oréal first entered the market then it created an exclusive import and sales agent : Cosmair USA in 1953, which then became a subsidiary....