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31 déc. 2007

Do you think Enterprise Risk Management is essential for sustainable competitive advantage of an organization?

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Management organisation

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has been getting an increasing amount of attention in recent years. While many industries, regions of the world and professional organizations take different names for their general framework, but the underlying theme is the same. Companies and organization are...

30 Janv. 2021

La chaîne de valeur - Apple

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Stratégie

Cette étude de cas porte sur le concept de chaîne de valeur telle que développée par Michael Porter et son application au groupe multinational américain Apple. Le concept de "value chain" ou chaîne de valeur est développé par l'économiste Michael Porter, dans un ouvrage de 1985, intitulé...

06 Nov. 2014

Analyse stratégique de la marque de grande distribution Carrefour et son usage des outils d'e-commerce

Étude de cas - 5 pages - E-commerce

I'll first introduce you the Carrefour brand and the way they do business, its strategy to get more and more market shares, and finally I'll show you how the three different topics I picked up could bring them a competitive advantage over its competitors. The main activity of the group is...

07 Nov. 2014

E-Commerce report : Aigle's e marketing plan

Étude de cas - 32 pages - E-commerce

Aigle was created in 1983 by Hutchinson, originally boots manufacturers for farmers and land workers. Since the late nineteenth century, Aigle started manufacturing all types of boots and shoes following the evolution of fabrics technologies. Throughout the last decades, Aigle has been expending...

10 juil. 2015

Business plan pour le développement d'un produit

Business plan - 37 pages - Management organisation

The TipTap is not a revolutionary product but we want to make it a common product for every household. This tap is regulated by an automatic infra-red system as it already exists in public places. We are positioning in an environmental respecting way, a topic which is at the centre of many...

19 avril 2010

Analyse stratégique de l'entreprise Cake Masters

Étude de cas - 11 pages - Stratégie

David Kuchen began to work in an investment banking division in a Canadian bank. As he likes challenges and wants to build his own business, he created and ran his business in investment banking. But the company did not have the size that Kuchen wished. So he studied marketing, strategy and...

20 juil. 2015

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Analyse selon le modèle des ressources et des compétences

Étude de cas - 13 pages - Stratégie

Le système d'information dans les entreprises est si important qu'il est très vite devenu un actif stratégique. Mais le système d'information à lui seul ne peut rien, car il faut lui adjoindre des moyens adéquats pour ne serait ce que l'alimenter et prendre des décisions stratégiques....

29 févr. 2008

Applying "New JIT" in Toyota

Étude de cas - 10 pages - Management organisation

Japanese cars companies, especially Toyota, have been during the second half of the 20th century some standards in defining the best production principles. In particular, they have carried out a quality management approach of the production through the implementation of The Just In Time (JIT)....

07 mai 2014

La stratégie d'Apple sur le marché des téléphones portables et les tablettes tactiles

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Marketing technologies

La pomme. Ce seul mot permet de se référer à l'entreprise emblématique de l'High Tech, le fruit défendu auquel les concurrents voudraient bien prendre une part de marché. La première capitalisation boursière au monde, des produits de renommée internationale. En somme, tout un rouage qu'il nous...

03 août 2010

Risks assessment in automobile industry - Renault entry in the US market

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Marketing automobile

The Renault Corporation was founded in 1899 and quickly became famous in motor racing. The Renault factories adopted mass production techniques in 1905 and Taylorism in 1913. Then, during the First World War, the company turned out trucks, stretchers, ambulances, shells and even the famous FT17...

06 juil. 2015

Les équipes auto managées

Mémoire - 131 pages - Ressources humaines

Ce mémoire propose l'analyse d'une pratique organisationnelle : les équipes auto-managées. Il présente tout d'abord les modèles référents (Resource Based View et Competence Based View) qui proposent une approche centrée sur l'analyse et l'exploitation optimum des ressources et...

06 Sept. 2008

Rapport : création de "la marque Ecosse"

Étude de marché - 11 pages - Marketing tourisme

The tourism market has never been so competitive. Ten top destinations appropriate 70% of international tourists (Pike, 2004). Whether they want to keep or to reach a leading position on the tourism market, destinations will have to fight. Tourism in Scotland is worth 4.5bn total GDP, and...

03 Nov. 2015

The launch of a new concept on the market - A revolutionnary war game

Étude de marché - 28 pages - Marketing produit

This case provides a lot of different tools to understand the implementation of a new product or concept on the market. This case deals a lot with a marketing part, which shows to what extent the launch of a new concept is important. In another part, you will see the launch of a new concept of...

24 Sept. 2015

Analysis of IKEA's strategic management

Étude de cas - 22 pages - Stratégie

Master level analysis regarding IKEA's strategic management : strategic direction, business level strategies, corporate governance management, etc.

27 août 2007

Le groupe Pernod-Ricard (2005)

Étude de cas - 12 pages - Stratégie

Selon de nombreux rapports, notamment celui du WIR (World Investment Report) en 2002, les activités reconnues comme motrices de la mondialisation sont surtout l'automobile, l'électronique et l'électrique. Néanmoins, on omet souvent de parler d'un secteur qui joue un rôle fortement structurant...

24 févr. 2008

Analyse de la stratégie et des ressources d'

Étude de cas - 21 pages - Management organisation

La société est donc créée dans le garage de Jeff Bezos à Seattle, comme de nombreuses start-up de l'époque. Cette installation à Seattle n'est pas anodine et est le résultat de la stratégie de Jeff Bezos. En effet si M. Bezos vient s'installer à Seattle c'est avant tout...

18 juin 2008

The Sarbanes Oxley Act and its consequences

Mémoire - 82 pages - Stratégie

Enron and WorldCom are just few examples of the accounting scandals of the last years, but they are emblematic. Firstly, everyone heard about those two firms and theirs scandals. All Medias specialized or not, talked about it, even books were written. Secondly, we have to note the blindness, or...

25 Nov. 2014

L'engagement du consommateur envers les marques de distributeurs : un modèle relationnel

Mémoire - 81 pages - Marketing distribution

The distribution is the system which takes in charge all the operations by which a product that has been just made is given to the consumer or to the user. This field integrates three essential functions: a logistic function (delivery, storage), a transactional function (sale), and an...

06 juil. 2015

Marketing case study, The LEGO Company

Étude de cas - 30 pages - Marketing produit

Our consulting firm would like to investigate the LEGO Group with its current market situation, the threats and opportunities to the Group, and indicate the key issues for becoming success. The primary objective of our marketing plan is to help the Group gaining more market shares as well as...

17 juin 2010

Orange Schweppes Business Strategy

Étude de cas - 32 pages - Stratégie

The French market of non alcoholic refreshing beverages has less been affected by the economic crisis. In 2009, the market generated in France a turnover of 3 billion Euros (an increase by 3.87% in value). This sector is strongly supported by store brands whose sales have increased by 8.59% in...

07 juil. 2015

The company ING Direct: case study

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Marketing produit

Case study about the society ING Direct, which is a financial company at a global scale. What makes the attractiveness of ING Direct? After a diagnosis of the company, this document explains also how to develop competitiveness and shows a strategy proposal.

31 déc. 2007

Marketing Plan: 'Caroll' wants to enter the growing 'middle market' in China

Étude de cas - 16 pages - Marketing mode

Through the network, the style's office of Caroll is in charge of getting the tendencies, of creating collections and of making live the spirit Caroll. It is always in the day before, the loan to react quickly and to conceive new products. As the actual fashion is unstable, Caroll decided to be...

02 Sept. 2008

La logistique collaborative entre industriels et distributeurs, à l'image du CPFR (Collaborative Planning Forecasting Replenishment): le CPFR, supply chain management de l'avenir ?

Mémoire - 123 pages - Logistique

L'objectif principal de ce travail portera non seulement sur la présentation, mais avant tout sur l'analyse de cette stratégie. Nous constaterons notamment que la réduction des coûts reste le motif prédominant pour expliquer le choix des entreprises de travailler de manière étroite avec leurs...

30 juil. 2015

Management et analyse de la distribution de l'entreprise Petit Bateau

Étude de cas - 22 pages - Management organisation

Analyse de Marketing sur le management et la distribution de l'entreprise Petit Bateau.

06 mai 2008

L'expansion de L'Oréal en Chine

Étude de cas - 31 pages - Bourse

The expansion of L'Oreal in China (titre original) Since it was founded nearly a century ago by the chemist Eugène Schueller, L'Oreal has been focusing its research and expertise on one business: cosmetics. L'Oreal has consistently applied its policy of investing in research, ensuring that its...

23 Mars 2021

Développement mondial de l'e-business de 1996 à 2006 : le cas pratique des e-marketplaces

Mémoire - 30 pages - Marketing technologies

Nous rendons compte, à travers ce mémoire, de notre travail de recherche en Marketing et Communication portant sur l'Internet, un outil multimédia où le visuel est très présent. Aussi, épousant le dicton chinois qui dit « qu'une image vaut mieux que mille mots », nous avons jugé utile et agréable...

15 juin 2008

La finance éthique : entre paradigme et paradoxe

Mémoire - 112 pages - Finance

Linked with morals, with deontology and right, ethics is a reflection towards the research of the Good, a moving concept by essence. What deserves, nowadays, such an imminent questioning on ethics? Because of the increased pressure of the governments, increasing awareness of the organizations...

25 Nov. 2005

E loyalty through marketing tactics

Mémoire - 68 pages - Marketing technologies

After reviewing empirical studies about relationship marketing, we noted that customer loyalty is a recurrent topic. Nevertheless, we identified that there is less focus on relationship marketing and loyalty in an online environment. As it is recognized that acquiring new customers is more costly...

02 Mars 2008

Critically assess Brandon's strategic thinking and the actions he employed in developing Virgin and implications for the future of the company

Étude de cas - 11 pages - Marketing produit

The highly diversified Virgin group has known an impressive progression since its creation in 1970. His founder, Richard Branson has come beyond boundaries of what has been done until now because he has introduced a new way of thinking strategy. As one will see in the first part, Branson is a...

19 févr. 2006

L'impact de ressources limitées d'une jeune T.P.E. dans l'industrie de l'événementiel

Mémoire - 67 pages - Tpe et pme

Le présent mémoire de fin d'études de master a pour objectif de comprendre l'impact des ressources limitées pour une jeune entreprise dans l'industrie de l'événementiel en France. La démarche stratégique est souvent vue comme un moyen à la disposition exclusive des entreprises possédantes les...