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04 juil. 2008

Business plan pour le développement d'un produit

Business plan de 37 pages - Management organisation

The TipTap is not a revolutionary product but we want to make it a common product for every household. This tap is regulated by an automatic infra-red system as it already exists in public places. We are positioning in an environmental respecting way, a topic which is at the centre of many...

04 Mars 2008

Business analysis of BIC corporation

Étude de cas de 22 pages - Marketing produit

Every day, BIC sells and manufactures more than 22 million stationery products around the world, 4 million of lighters and 11 million of shavers. It is one of the leaders for stationery products and the number one manufacturer of ballpoint pen. In 2005, BIC reached the incredible amount of one...

01 juil. 2010

La réussite commerciale de l'I-phone d'Apple

Mémoire de 87 pages - Marketing technologies

Le succès de l’iPhone est lié à plusieurs facteurs. Tout d'abord, il y a le produit, qui est révolutionnaire en soi. Mais ce n'est pas son seul atout. Sa réussite commerciale est intimement liée à l'histoire d'Apple, à ses choix et à ses innovations successives, à la personnalité et aux...

12 déc. 2007

Dubaï : un homme, une vision, une stratégie

Étude de cas de 50 pages - Stratégie

Ce début de XXIème siècle a connu de profonds changements d’ordre économique (et par voie de conséquence, politique notamment), au niveau mondial. On peut citer, bien entendu, la montée en puissance de la Chine. Mais aussi l’arrivée de l’Inde au rang de futur mastodonte...

19 févr. 2009

Analyse stratégique de la marque de grande distribution Carrefour et son usage des outils d'e-commerce

Étude de cas de 5 pages - E-commerce

I’ll first introduce you the Carrefour brand and the way they do business, its strategy to get more and more market shares, and finally I’ll show you how the three different topics I picked up could bring them a competitive advantage over its competitors. The main activity of the...

15 juin 2008

La finance éthique : entre paradigme et paradoxe

Mémoire de 112 pages - Finance

Linked with morals, with deontology and right, ethics is a reflection towards the research of the Good, a moving concept by essence. What deserves, nowadays, such an imminent questioning on ethics? Because of the increased pressure of the governments, increasing awareness of the...

19 avril 2010

Analyse stratégique de l'entreprise Cake Masters

Étude de cas de 11 pages - Stratégie

David Kuchen began to work in an investment banking division in a Canadian bank. As he likes challenges and wants to build his own business, he created and ran his business in investment banking. But the company did not have the size that Kuchen wished. So he studied marketing,...

06 Sept. 2008

Rapport : création de "la marque Ecosse"

Étude de marché de 11 pages - Marketing tourisme

The tourism market has never been so competitive. Ten top destinations appropriate 70% of international tourists (Pike, 2004). Whether they want to keep or to reach a leading position on the tourism market, destinations will have to fight. Tourism in Scotland is worth 4.5bn total GDP, and...

06 févr. 2009

L'engagement du consommateur envers les marques de distributeurs : un modèle relationnel

Mémoire de 81 pages - Marketing distribution

The distribution is the system which takes in charge all the operations by which a product that has been just made is given to the consumer or to the user. This field integrates three essential functions: a logistic function (delivery, storage), a transactional function (sale), and an...

29 Janv. 2004

L'analyse stratégique de Vodafone

Étude de cas de 22 pages - Stratégie

Vodafone Group Plc provides a full range of mobile telecommunications services and is the world's largest mobile telecommunications company, in terms of the number of registered customers, with a significant presence in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia through the Company's...

15 Nov. 2008

Comment et pourquoi mettre en place des changements : l'exemple de Porsche

Étude de cas de 12 pages - Stratégie

Nowadays, it becomes more and more difficult to compete in this global business environment. Companies have to be radically innovative and to realise changes in the organisation in order to survive. Change is often considered as a necessity for companies to survive in a turbulent...

09 mai 2007

IKEA: The story of a Giant

Étude de cas de 26 pages - Marketing distribution

All started there is nearly 60 years in a small village of the South of Sweden. It is the history of the small company, specialist in the furnishing of the fine bottom of the forest smålandaise which launches out to the conquest of the world. Its creator is Ingvar Kamprad. This starts thanks...

02 Mars 2008

Critically assess Brandon's strategic thinking and the actions he employed in developing Virgin and implications for the future of the company

Étude de cas de 11 pages - Marketing produit

The highly diversified Virgin group has known an impressive progression since its creation in 1970. His founder, Richard Branson has come beyond boundaries of what has been done until now because he has introduced a new way of thinking strategy. As one will see in the first part, Branson is a...

06 mai 2008

Exposé final : Management et direction - étude de cas : Starbucks

Étude de cas de 11 pages - Management organisation

Management and leadership final assignment Starbucks case study (titre original) • Leadership: Starbucks CEO, Orin Smith, and the Board of directors play a central role in the organizational context of the company since they can arbitrate between the internal and external constraints and...

16 déc. 2005

Personal Marketing Plan

Étude de cas de 6 pages - Marketing produit

Managing one's career is a difficult task just as managing a product on the market. One's career goes through different stages and evolves with choices and personality. Graduation is a very important step in a student's life, yet it is only where things really begin. In fact, it implies making...

20 févr. 2009

Analysis of IKEA's strategic management

Étude de cas de 22 pages - Stratégie

Master level analysis regarding IKEA's strategic management : strategic direction, business level strategies, corporate governance management, etc.

09 mai 2008

How NGOs are developing their management styles and marketing in order to achieve greater efficiency, whilst maintaining their core values?

Étude de cas de 8 pages - Management organisation

“Non-Governmental Organisations have long been regarded as welfare agencies working on the periphery of development. Since the 1980s, NGOs have emerged as a major development force in many developing countries” (Afful, 1992). According to Afful, NGO are no longer in the shadow of...

27 Nov. 2012

Le tourisme d'affaires: DMC et PCO, quel potentiel de développement pour les agences réceptives ?

Mémoire de 40 pages - E-commerce

Un voyage d’affaires est un séjour dont le but est nécessaire à l’entreprise. La place normalement occupée est laissée vacante pour permettre à l’employé de rendre visite à des clients, des fournisseurs ou pour assister à un salon, il peut également servir à se déplacer...

10 Janv. 2008

Case study: RED, Inc on the American market

Étude de cas de 11 pages - Marketing sportif

Red is a Swedish producer of outdoor wear born in 1985 in Stockholm. Since then the company started considering exports as an important activity to develop. Today, the firm is considering penetrating the North American market. As an international marketing consultant team, we are to analyse...

16 déc. 2010

Diagnostic global de Management : Sanofi Aventis

Étude de cas de 58 pages - Management organisation

Sanofi Aventis, leader européen de l'industrie pharmaceutique, est une entreprise que l'on cite souvent en termes de Business Modèle. Jeune, elle a été créée en 2004 de la fusion entre Sanofi-Synthélabo et Aventis. Pourtant, son histoire est riche et date de plus d'une quarantaine d'années...

27 avril 2008

Analyse financière : Quicksilver Inc. Rapport annuel 2005

Analyse financière de 19 pages - Finance

Analysing financial statements : QUICKSILVER Inc. Annual report 2005 (titre original) The company began its business in 1976 as a California company producing boardshorts for surfers in the United States under a licence agreement with the Quicksilver brand founders in Australia. In the...

06 mai 2008

L'expansion de L'Oréal en Chine

Étude de cas de 31 pages - Bourse

The expansion of L’Oreal in China (titre original) Since it was founded nearly a century ago by the chemist Eugène Schueller, L’Oreal has been focusing its research and expertise on one business: cosmetics. L’Oreal has consistently applied its policy of investing in...

27 juil. 2009

Les solutions d'intégration de données (EAI) : étude de l'offre technologique

Étude de marché de 117 pages - Marketing produit

IBM, qui fait du On Demand Business le moteur de son développement, est le leader mondial des services et des technologies de l'information. IBM développe et commercialise des solutions globales On Demand Business : matériels (serveurs, stockage et PC), logiciels, services, conseil...

06 Mars 2008

Corporate Finance, ACCOR

Analyse financière de 16 pages - Finance

1. Describe in what business Accor operates. Accor is one of the largest French multinational hotel chain corporations. This company which is part of the CAC 40 index, has its main business specialized in running hotels and restaurants and specialized services. Accor possess more...

29 avril 2009

Gâteau aux légumes : projet d'innovation de sa création jusqu'à sa réalisation

Étude de marché de 50 pages - Marketing produit

Projet d'innovation en Marketing agroalimentaire et santé avec une étude de marché des produits similaires, un business plan et le lancement marketing d'un gâteau aux légumes : de la formulation du produit jusqu'à sa production et sa distribution.

09 juin 2008

L'introduction en bourse de l'Olympique Lyonnais Groupe

Étude de cas de 37 pages - Bourse

« Notre business model est différent des clubs de football introduits en Bourse par le passé. Nous sommes une entreprise de média et de divertissements sportifs aux activités très intégrées. Nous serons d’ailleurs référencés comme média » explique Jean-Michel Aulas (une biographie de...

17 Janv. 2010

Vins d'AOC Bourgogne : quelle stratégie adopter pour affronter les vins de cépage sur la scène internationale ?

Étude de cas de 26 pages - Marketing international

Depuis les années 1980, l’hégémonie des vins européens est remise en cause par la montée en puissance des vins du Nouveau Monde à l’export. Parallèlement, on assiste à une redéfinition des zones et habitudes de consommation à l’échelle mondiale qui semble confirmer l’intérêt...

19 Sept. 2008

Whole food market Inc. - management stratégique

Étude de cas de 3 pages - Stratégie

What are the key elements of the strategy that WFM is pursuing? The key elements of the strategy that Whole Foods Market has been pursuing is to expand their operations and grow their business. They have established themselves as a leader in the organic food market and have attained...

21 févr. 2008

Les consommateurs bio et les produits alimentaires biologiques

Étude de marché de 110 pages - Marketing consommateur

Pour cette étude, nous nous sommes focalisées sur les consommateurs réguliers de produits biologiques, alimentaires en particulier. Les raisons de ce choix sont multiples. Il nous paraissait tout d’abord intéressant d’étudier le développement d’un marché encore jeune, mais en...

31 déc. 2007

The rescue plan of EUROTUNNEL

Étude de cas de 14 pages - Finance

Eurotunnel plc (in the UK) and Eurotunnel SA (in France) make up the Eurotunnel Group, founded in August 1986, which manages and operates the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France. It operates the car shuttle and earns revenue on other trains (freight by EWS and SNCF and passenger service by...