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06 févr. 2009

L'engagement du consommateur envers les marques de distributeurs : un modèle relationnel

Mémoire de 81 pages - Marketing distribution

The distribution is the system which takes in charge all the operations by which a product that has been just made is given to the consumer or to the user. This field integrates three essential functions: a logistic function (delivery, storage), a transactional function (sale), and an...

15 juin 2008

La finance éthique : entre paradigme et paradoxe

Mémoire de 112 pages - Finance

Linked with morals, with deontology and right, ethics is a reflection towards the research of the Good, a moving concept by essence. What deserves, nowadays, such an imminent questioning on ethics? Because of the increased pressure of the governments, increasing awareness of the...

19 mai 2010

Motivation et culture de l'étudiant étranger à l'Université de Paisley (Écosse)

Étude de marché de 19 pages - Marketing consommateur

In this report, the subject “student life in Paisley” will be analysed. To find some answers, a topic guide has been created and filled in by a Paisley student sample. Thanks to it, a comparison between Chinese and “European” people has been possible. Two theoretical areas...

03 août 2010

Risks assessment in automobile industry - Renault entry in the US market

Étude de cas de 9 pages - Marketing automobile

The Renault Corporation was founded in 1899 and quickly became famous in motor racing. The Renault factories adopted mass production techniques in 1905 and Taylorism in 1913. Then, during the First World War, the company turned out trucks, stretchers, ambulances, shells and even the famous FT17...

06 mai 2008

Exposé final : Management et direction - étude de cas : Starbucks

Étude de cas de 11 pages - Management organisation

Management and leadership final assignment Starbucks case study (titre original) • Leadership: Starbucks CEO, Orin Smith, and the Board of directors play a central role in the organizational context of the company since they can arbitrate between the internal and external constraints and...

18 déc. 2012

Analysis of the sport's industry and its strategies

Étude de cas de 8 pages - Stratégie

[...]Sponsoring is really important for big events as Olympic Games or rugby world cup. We can underline why some companies sponsor this kind of event? And what can they gain from this? First of all, there is the biggest sport event worldwide coming this summer. So it seems quite relevant to...

07 avril 2010

Le sucre et les édulcorants - la marque Canderel

Mémoire de 140 pages - Management organisation

La société Merisant produit et commercialise Canderel et se positionne comme le leader dans le secteur des édulcorants, en détenant plus du tiers de marché, estimé à 1,2 milliard de dollars. Malgré une baisse du chiffre d’affaires dans le secteur de l’édulcorant (- 2,2 % en 2007), nous...

25 Nov. 2005

E loyalty through marketing tactics

Mémoire de 68 pages - Marketing technologies

After reviewing empirical studies about relationship marketing, we noted that customer loyalty is a recurrent topic. Nevertheless, we identified that there is less focus on relationship marketing and loyalty in an online environment. As it is recognized that acquiring new customers is more costly...

18 juil. 2007

The launch of a new concept on the market - A revolutionnary war game

Étude de marché de 28 pages - Marketing produit

This case provides a lot of different tools to understand the implementation of a new product or concept on the market. This case deals a lot with a marketing part, which shows to what extent the launch of a new concept is important. In another part, you will see the launch of a new concept of...

09 mai 2007

IKEA: The story of a Giant

Étude de cas de 26 pages - Marketing distribution

All started there is nearly 60 years in a small village of the South of Sweden. It is the history of the small company, specialist in the furnishing of the fine bottom of the forest smålandaise which launches out to the conquest of the world. Its creator is Ingvar Kamprad. This starts thanks...

19 févr. 2009

Qu'est-ce que le luxe aujourd'hui ?

Mémoire de 46 pages - Marketing luxe

La révolution industrielle apporta au luxe un changement notoire avec le développement des moyens de transport et donc des voyages mais aussi l’ascension d’une nouvelle classe sociale ; la grande bourgeoisie. Dès lors, à partir du XXe siècle, les créateurs ne cessent de se faire...

15 Mars 2006

Catholicism and Marketing

Étude de cas de 30 pages - Marketing produit

Paper analyzing how does Catholicism market itself, thanks to the United States and Brasil examples, and this through a marketing approach.

24 mai 2009

La renaissance du marché du jeu vidéo

Mémoire de 44 pages - Marketing technologies

Aujourd’hui, le jeu vidéo se retrouve sous plusieurs formes et formats. Que cela soit dans nos consoles de salons, nos ordinateurs, nos téléphones portables, nos simulations informatiques pour pilotes, nos montres, il n’en reste pas moins qu’un jeu vidéo est une réalité virtuelle...

13 juil. 2010

Management et analyse de la distribution de l'entreprise Petit Bateau

Étude de cas de 22 pages - Management organisation

Analyse de Marketing sur le management et la distribution de l'entreprise Petit Bateau.

04 Mars 2004

E-Commerce report : Aigle's e marketing plan

Étude de cas de 32 pages - E-commerce

Aigle was created in 1983 by Hutchinson, originally boots manufacturers for farmers and land workers. Since the late nineteenth century, Aigle started manufacturing all types of boots and shoes following the evolution of fabrics technologies. Throughout the last decades, Aigle has been...

04 Mars 2008

Business analysis of BIC corporation

Étude de cas de 22 pages - Marketing produit

Every day, BIC sells and manufactures more than 22 million stationery products around the world, 4 million of lighters and 11 million of shavers. It is one of the leaders for stationery products and the number one manufacturer of ballpoint pen. In 2005, BIC reached the incredible amount of one...

09 Oct. 2008

La stratégie Marketing d'Apple pour le MacBook Air

Étude de cas de 12 pages - Marketing produit

One thought that Apple had stopped surprising us with the recent launch of IPhone, but during the last conference MacWorld on January 2008 Apple has still create a strong sensation by revealing its new small innovation: The Mac Book Air. This new laptop is the finest of the world.

15 Nov. 2008

Comment et pourquoi mettre en place des changements : l'exemple de Porsche

Étude de cas de 12 pages - Stratégie

Nowadays, it becomes more and more difficult to compete in this global business environment. Companies have to be radically innovative and to realise changes in the organisation in order to survive. Change is often considered as a necessity for companies to survive in a turbulent environment...

18 juin 2008

The Sarbanes Oxley Act and its consequences

Mémoire de 82 pages - Stratégie

Enron and WorldCom are just few examples of the accounting scandals of the last years, but they are emblematic. Firstly, everyone heard about those two firms and theirs scandals. All Medias specialized or not, talked about it, even books were written. Secondly, we have to note the blindness,...

29 déc. 2007

Les paradis fiscaux: économie légale ou économie souterraine ?

Mémoire de 50 pages - Finance

Les paradis fiscaux représentent aujourd’hui un thème qui sera toujours au coeur de l’actualité. En effet, on les voit régulièrement impliqués dans des faillites d’entreprises scandaleuses, ou des affaires de détournement d’argent, de pot-de-vin, de financement occulte de...

09 févr. 2009

Chambres d'hôtes sur l'île de la Réunion - l'offre d'hébergement de charme

Mémoire de 117 pages - Marketing tourisme

Etudiant d’origine sri lankaise, je suis arrivé en France en 2002, afin d’y suivre des études dans le domaine du tourisme. Actuellement en Master 2e année, et particulièrement intéressé par les demeures de caractère que les propriétaires indépendants aménagent afin d’accueillir des...

15 Sept. 2010

Supply chain Co-ordination : Asymmetric information

Étude de cas de 10 pages - Management organisation

The coordination supply chain concerns two independent partners: a supplier and a retailer. The supplier offers the retailer a single product that can be sold to an eventual consumer. These supply chain contracts can be classified as demand-dependent pricing schemes - revenue sharing, buy-backs,...

18 mai 2009

Host Hotels & Resorts : financial and strategic analysis

Étude de marché de 16 pages - Finance

Host Hotels & Resorts (HST) is a real estate investment trust that exists since 1993 since the division of Marriott Corporation into management and property arms. HST is the first lodging real estate company. It owns 119 luxury and upper-upscale, full service hotels managed by strong brands such...

03 Janv. 2006

Ipod and the renewal of apple

Étude de cas de 23 pages - Stratégie

In 2001, Apple launched its revolutionary product: iPod, a small jewel of technology, which will give as a result a rise to a new market, that of the numerical walkman with hard disk. Forerunner in its field, Apple has always been an innovative firm. Its progress was for a long time attributed to...

02 Mars 2008

Critically assess Brandon's strategic thinking and the actions he employed in developing Virgin and implications for the future of the company

Étude de cas de 11 pages - Marketing produit

The highly diversified Virgin group has known an impressive progression since its creation in 1970. His founder, Richard Branson has come beyond boundaries of what has been done until now because he has introduced a new way of thinking strategy. As one will see in the first part, Branson is a...

21 août 2012

La montée en gamme d'Aubade

Étude de cas de 40 pages - Marketing luxe

D’après la presse suisse l’Hebdo, Aubade a réalisé un chiffre d’affaires de 63,5 millions de francs (soit environ 52,7 millions d’euros). Sachant que plus 30% de son chiffre d’affaires est réalisé grâce à sa leçon numéro cinq « Feindre l'indifférence ». Cependant...

20 août 2010

The senior tourism in Ireland today: a specific marketing?

Mémoire de 48 pages - Marketing produit

This report will present the criteria which allow the segmentation of the wide population of seniors. This one evolves in its consumption and its practices and represents today a real issue for the actors of voyage. The seniors have very different motivations in comparison with the other...

30 avril 2014

La performance éthique et financière des fonds ISR

Mémoire de 20 pages - Finance

Depuis l’été 2007, le monde fait face à une crise financière majeure qui a un impact considérable sur l’économie réelle. La finance dérégulée est mise sur le banc des accusés par l’opinion publique qui la voit comme étant à l’origine du désastre (M, Bernard Royer, 2009, p 7)....

31 déc. 2007

The rescue plan of EUROTUNNEL

Étude de cas de 14 pages - Finance

Eurotunnel plc (in the UK) and Eurotunnel SA (in France) make up the Eurotunnel Group, founded in August 1986, which manages and operates the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France. It operates the car shuttle and earns revenue on other trains (freight by EWS and SNCF and passenger service by...

13 déc. 2003

L'Oréal: international strategy

Étude de cas de 7 pages - Stratégie

The penetration into markets is quite old in certain countries and more recent in others. The entry mode depends on region. For instance, in USA, L'Oréal first entered the market then it created an exclusive import and sales agent : Cosmair USA in 1953, which then became a subsidiary. To...