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08 Oct. 2018

Le marché du Big Data

Étude de marché - 4 pages - Marketing technologies

La traduction littérale du terme "Big Data" signifie "grosses données" ou "méga données". La terminologie anglo-saxonne Big Data est néanmoins couramment utilisée par les acteurs travaillant sur ce sujet. Le Big Data au sens large concerne donc l'ensemble des techniques ayant recours à des...

03 juil. 2015

Analysis of the sport's industry and its strategies

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Stratégie

[...] Sponsoring is really important for big events as Olympic Games or rugby world cup. We can underline why some companies sponsor this kind of event? And what can they gain from this? First of all, there is the biggest sport event worldwide coming this summer. So it seems quite relevant...

09 mai 2008

How NGOs are developing their management styles and marketing in order to achieve greater efficiency, whilst maintaining their core values?

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Management organisation

“Non-Governmental Organisations have long been regarded as welfare agencies working on the periphery of development. Since the 1980s, NGOs have emerged as a major development force in many developing countries” (Afful, 1992). According to Afful, NGO are no longer in the shadow of...

19 févr. 2008

Les joueurs de Poker en live

Étude de marché - 77 pages - Marketing produit

Le poker est très à la mode et se démocratise depuis quelques années. Plus particulièrement, c'est un certain type de poker qui connaît cette évolution : le Texas Hold'em ou poker ouvert. Cette mode a débuté aux États-Unis dans les années 90 et a été importée en France quelques années après. Les...

18 juin 2008

The Sarbanes Oxley Act and its consequences

Mémoire - 82 pages - Stratégie

Enron and WorldCom are just few examples of the accounting scandals of the last years, but they are emblematic. Firstly, everyone heard about those two firms and theirs scandals. All Medias specialized or not, talked about it, even books were written. Secondly, we have to note the...

14 Janv. 2014

Amazon : forces, faiblesses et opportunités sur le marché français d'un géant en passe de devenir le plus grand magasin de la planète

Étude de cas - 55 pages - Stratégie

« The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth's most customer-­centric company. » Jeff Bezos. Avant hier, analyste financier ; hier, entrepreneur trentenaire dans le garage de ses parents ; aujourd'hui, à la tête du premier site de vente en...

19 Janv. 2008

Doing Business in Algeria : Managerial practices and Etiquettes

Étude de cas - 13 pages - Management organisation

Algeria is a developing country with much potential. This paper will cover many aspects of the country. It will discuss environmental factors, market characteristics, cultural characteristics, as well as their negotiation style. The perspective of a manager and how best to conduct business...

30 juil. 2015

The senior tourism in Ireland today: a specific marketing?

Mémoire - 48 pages - Marketing produit

This report will present the criteria which allow the segmentation of the wide population of seniors. This one evolves in its consumption and its practices and represents today a real issue for the actors of voyage. The seniors have very different motivations in comparison with the...

19 mai 2010

Motivation et culture de l'étudiant étranger à l'Université de Paisley (Écosse)

Étude de marché - 19 pages - Marketing consommateur

In this report, the subject “student life in Paisley” will be analysed. To find some answers, a topic guide has been created and filled in by a Paisley student sample. Thanks to it, a comparison between Chinese and “European” people has been possible. Two...

21 juil. 2015

Small firms in international marketing: Bringing the franchise Sushi Shop to the UK market

Étude de marché - 8 pages - Marketing produit

Sushi Shop is a French-based sushi restaurant franchise and delivery service that provides its customers with the highest quality of sushi and other fine contemporary Japanese cuisine dishes. Established in 1998, this small firm now has 97 locations in Europe, 1 in New York City,...

09 mai 2007

IKEA: The story of a Giant

Étude de cas - 26 pages - Marketing distribution

All started there is nearly 60 years in a small village of the South of Sweden. It is the history of the small company, specialist in the furnishing of the fine bottom of the forest smålandaise which launches out to the conquest of the world. Its creator is Ingvar Kamprad. This starts thanks to...

09 juin 2009

Face à une médiatisation mondiale, entre désir de transparence et principe de précaution, la Société Perrier a-t-elle su gérer la crise de 1990 ?

Étude de cas - 25 pages - Communication

A la fin de l'année 1989, Perrier est une société en pleine forme financière : 31 000 titres échangés le mercredi 27 décembre, 22 000 le jeudi 28. L'entreprise dégage alors 1,244 milliards de francs de bénéfice pour l'exercice prenant fin au 30 juin 1989 et est la société la plus opéable de...

20 déc. 2008

Wal-Mart est-elle la plus grande entreprise logistique du monde ?

Étude de cas - 21 pages - Logistique

Wal-Mart a vu le jour au début des années 1960 à Bentonville en Arkansas. Le fondateur de cette immense entreprise se prénomme Sam Walton. Au départ, celui-ci a une conception bien particulière de ce qu'est la grande distribution ; il a ainsi choisi de développer un modèle de grande...

06 mai 2008

L'expansion de L'Oréal en Chine

Étude de cas - 31 pages - Bourse

The expansion of L'Oreal in China (titre original) Since it was founded nearly a century ago by the chemist Eugène Schueller, L'Oreal has been focusing its research and expertise on one business: cosmetics. L'Oreal has consistently applied its policy of investing in research, ensuring...

06 Sept. 2008

Rapport : création de "la marque Ecosse"

Étude de marché - 11 pages - Marketing tourisme

The tourism market has never been so competitive. Ten top destinations appropriate 70% of international tourists (Pike, 2004). Whether they want to keep or to reach a leading position on the tourism market, destinations will have to fight. Tourism in Scotland is worth 4.5bn total GDP, and...

11 Sept. 2006

Low fat yogurt Market

Étude de marché - 25 pages - Marketing produit

In recent years, consumer interest in health and nutrition has escalated and increased the demand for healthful food products in the marketplace. Aging baby-boom populations and a trend toward self-care in relation to chronic-disease prevention and management are...

31 déc. 2007

Marketing Plan: 'Caroll' wants to enter the growing 'middle market' in China

Étude de cas - 16 pages - Marketing mode

Through the network, the style's office of Caroll is in charge of getting the tendencies, of creating collections and of making live the spirit Caroll. It is always in the day before, the loan to react quickly and to conceive new products. As the actual fashion is unstable,...

06 mai 2008

Exposé final : Management et direction - étude de cas : Starbucks

Étude de cas - 11 pages - Management organisation

Management and leadership final assignment Starbucks case study (titre original) • Leadership: Starbucks CEO, Orin Smith, and the Board of directors play a central role in the organizational context of the company since they can arbitrate between the internal and...

07 Nov. 2014

E-Commerce report : Aigle's e marketing plan

Étude de cas - 32 pages - E-commerce

Aigle was created in 1983 by Hutchinson, originally boots manufacturers for farmers and land workers. Since the late nineteenth century, Aigle started manufacturing all types of boots and shoes following the evolution of fabrics technologies. Throughout the last decades, Aigle has...

04 juin 2008

Marketing stratégique - Management : Debenhams

Étude de cas - 26 pages - Marketing produit

Strategic marketing - Management: Debenhams (titre original) Debenhams opened its first store in 1905, and in 1929 listed its shares on the London Stock Exchange. Nowadays Debenhams is one of the most important department store chains in the United Kingdom. In this depressive economic...

06 août 2007

L'Oréal se refait une beauté : le rachat de Body Shop

Étude de cas - 26 pages - Stratégie

Le 17 mars 2006, l'Oréal, numéro 1 mondial de la cosmétique avec un chiffre d'affaires de 14,5 Md€ et une capitalisation boursière 49Md€ en 2005, annonçait le rachat pour €945 millions du groupe britannique The Body Shop. Créée en 1976 par la charismatique Anita Roddick, cette...

27 mai 2008

Le cas Google

Étude de cas - 5 pages - Stratégie

Le search market répond au besoin stratégique de navigation pertinente sur internet. A partir d'un certain nombre de mots clés, chacun peut retrouver les pages Internet répondant le plus précisément à sa recherche. Depuis le développement des premiers moteurs de recherche dès 1993-1994, le...

27 févr. 2008

Le brand management : l'exemple de Walt Disney

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Management organisation

La multinationale Walt Disney Company a été créée en 1923 par Walt Disney. C'est aujourd'hui, l'un des plus grands groupes de divertissement du monde. La société est déclarée dans l'état du Delaware et son siège social est en Californie à Burbank. Au total, en 2005, la firme...

02 Janv. 2008

La communication événementielle : Comment l'utiliser? Quel impact ?

Étude de marché - 31 pages - Communication

Mots-clés : entreprise et gestion, communication, étude de marché, communication événementielle, formation communication événementielle, communication événementielle live, communication événementielle alternance Notre avis : Présentée de façon dynamique et en six parties, cette étude de...

06 juil. 2015

Personal Marketing Plan

Étude de cas - 6 pages - Marketing produit

Managing one's career is a difficult task just as managing a product on the market. One's career goes through different stages and evolves with choices and personality. Graduation is a very important step in a student's life, yet it is only where things really begin. In...

08 Nov. 2021

Analyse stratégique - Meta, le nouveau nom du groupe Facebook

Étude de cas - 5 pages - Stratégie

Meta comme métamorphose, mais aussi comme métavers : ça y est, c'est fait. Facebook vient de changer de dénomination sociale. Annoncé depuis peu, c'est à l'occasion du Connect 2021 qui s'est tenu le 28 octobre que la plateforme au logo bleu a officialisé sa mutation. Au cours de...

15 Oct. 2015

La stratégie marketing de Sony en France

Étude de cas - 5 pages - Marketing produit

Sony is nevertheless following the trends on the market, providing funny and surprising TV commercials, respecting the current spirit, to differentiate our commercials from our competitors (who are more focused on their products). Sony is also loyal to its core values and has...

10 Janv. 2008

Case study: RED, Inc on the American market

Étude de cas - 11 pages - Marketing sportif

Red is a Swedish producer of outdoor wear born in 1985 in Stockholm. Since then the company started considering exports as an important activity to develop. Today, the firm is considering penetrating the North American market. As an international marketing consultant team, we are to analyse this...

13 juin 2007

British Airways

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Stratégie

BA is one of the world's largest international airlines, providing travellers with a broad network to/from the UK and a global service for premium travellers in cooperation with one world alliance partners. The company expanded rapidly in the 1990s, which led to overcapacity, lower...

06 Mars 2008

Corporate Finance, ACCOR

Analyse financière - 16 pages - Finance

1. Describe in what business Accor operates. Accor is one of the largest French multinational hotel chain corporations. This company which is part of the CAC 40 index, has its main business specialized in running hotels and restaurants and specialized services. Accor possess more...